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As the world steps into a more polarised environment, the Usanas Foundation strives hard to encourage an objective and data-backed discourse and analysis on geo-strategic issues. As a non-partisan organisation, we have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to a cross-sectional set of themes in the areas of geo-politics, international relations, strategic studies and sustainable development. We are a young organisation run by a group of individuals passionate about their issue- areas and determined to drive a change in the world they live in. Through the Usanas Foundation, we want traditionally elusive subjects such as global diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy to be accessible and understood by everyone, from students to scholars  and enable engagement with those who hold some of the highest seats of governance across the globe.With the Usanas Foundation striving to bring these subjects to one and all, our aim remains to use the awareness of foreign policy as a tool for society to even make better decisions when engaging in civil society and better decision- making when engaging with mainstream electoral politics.

We look forward to and are immensely grateful for your support.

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