Joe Biden's Rise and Its Ramifications on the Idioms of US Foreign Policy

The gung-ho and bravado spirit of President Trump's ubiquitous panache will be significantly missed as he gave a relentless hand to New Delhi in the isolation and sequestration of the Asiatic hegemony of PRC.

Joe Biden's Rise and Its Ramifications on the Idioms of US Foreign Policy
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By Dr. Manan Dwivedi

Despite the incumbent President's resentment, "I had such a big lead in all of these states late into election night, only to see the leads miraculously disappear as the days went by. Perhaps these leads will return as our legal proceedings move forward!" over losing Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia, after a surprising victory in Florida and North Carolina.  As the voting lead of 37,000 votes from the electoral hustings and buntings from Pennsylvania began filtering in the American Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris gleefully posted on her Facebook wall, "Congratulations, Joe, we have done it, You are going to be the 46th President of United States." The President-elect, Joe Biden, has attempted to move away from the quintessential American Dream postulated by the American theorist John Truslow Adams as he emphasized in his acknowledgement speech in Delaware that the pained American soul would be reiterated in his tenure as he said that he takes over a fractured and the violent United States of America.

Joe Biden has been anointed as the 47th President-Elect of the most powerful nation-state in the broader international system. Subsequently, the incumbent President Donald Trump declaring to cooperate with the transition process despite his misgivings about the "Rigged Elections," the road to the White House looks clear for the President-Elect, Joe Biden, and his Vice Presidential mate, Kamala Harris.  

The President-Elect has nominated Antony Blinken with a diplomatic gamily background who has also served as a Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the times. He has gone on record with the official verbiage that the Joe Biden ameliorative measure to "Bring America Back" will replace the Trumpism of "America First and Make America Great Again (MAGA)."

 The seat of the Secretary of Defense might go to Michelle Foulrony, who, along with Antony Blinken, worked at a consultancy firm called West exec. Thus, the masterminds and experts of the previous democrat's tenure under President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will be leveraged in the Biden cabinet. Also, Still, one aspect is a certainty that the left-centre leaders of the order of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not being considered for the Biden cabinet as the chiefly centrist orientation of the White House has been strengthened. To place the Biden Presidency in an early days dilemma, Bernie Sanders, who was also a strong candidate for the position of Democrat's nomination for the Presidential Elections, has railed against the President Elects nomination decisions. 

 The President-elect has decided to go stealthy on China, but the cooperative idiom rolled into the administration's policy towards the taloned dragon appears to be inclined towards engagement than containment. Joe Biden had declared in his informal acceptance speech that on the first day of his Presidency, he would reverse the  Trumpisms of a proposed withdrawal from the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Change Pact, and strengthen the ties with European allies. Joe Biden has emphasized that 'American Global outreach' will be strengthened, and the grand American retreat, as a policy, will be reversed, too. The President-Elect has signalled that the Indo-US relation would remain as one of the most valuable partnerships in the years to come. 


 The Democrat Presidential elect, Joe Biden, promises good relations with New Delhi and other value partners, yet Trump will remain a tour de force at home. Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Sweden, experts anticipate a strengthening of ties between the twin Liberal Democracies. Moreover, the Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris is not a mere symbol of diversity, and to expect her to be showing allegiance to India in the US's foreign policy decision-making is rather too far fangled.  She was in the forefront in the US Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate espousing the Kashmiri clause and had repeated her left-liberal stripes much to the consternation. It is quite juvenile to deem Kamala Devi Harris as an apostle of black rights and womanhood. Experts should not stoop to identity politics, which is the root cause of friction in a diverse society. Biden had mixed opinions about India's human rights credentials in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Kashmir.

Nonetheless, he supported the Indo-US civil nuclear agreement. The Democrats have been raving about the rise of Biden as the 46th Presidential Elect of the grandiloquent United States of America, which might not remain so grand and altruist going by the slump in the conservative fortunes in the larger homeland.  So far, there is no clarity on President-Elect Joe Biden's foreign policy paradigm towards the People's Republic of China and the US's stance on  Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The gung-ho and bravado spirit of President Trump's ubiquitous panache will be significantly missed as he gave a relentless hand to New Delhi in the isolation and sequestration of the Asiatic hegemony of PRC.   

Dr. Manan Dwivedi, Faculty, International Relations, and International organizations, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

Disclaimer: This paper is the author’s individual scholastic contribution and does not reflect the organisation’s viewpoint.