Abhinav Pandya and Akshay Kumar

Abhinav Pandya and Akshay Kumar

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Abhinav Pandya is the founder and CEO of Usanas Foundation. He is a Cornell University graduate in public affairs, and bachelors from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, is a policy analyst specializing in counterterrorism, Indian foreign policy and Afghanistan-Pakistan geopolitics. He has authored “Radicalization in India: An Exploration (Pentagon,2019). In the past, he has advised former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Satyapal Malik on security issues during the critical times when Kashmir’s special status was revoked. He also worked with the International Labor Organization, UN as a member of national level specialist team on MGNREGS. He has extensive experience of the conflict situation in Kashmir. Akshay Kumar is Head of Research and Program Operations at Usanas Foundation. He graduated summa cum laude in M.A. (Diplomacy, Law and Business) focused in International Relations from Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) and also have a major in Political Science from University of Delhi. His interest areas include geopolitics, strategic & security affairs, and Foreign policy.

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