Usanas Foundation Brings Exclusive Video Footage from Balochistan

Usanas Foundation Brings Exclusive Video Footage from Balochistan
via Qantara

Courtesy- Foundation's Sources

Outraged Hazara Shia leader Tahir Khan arguing with Balochistan state government officials-
According to Dawn news, 1600 incidents of violence against Hazaras have taken place in Quetta. We made requests to the army chief, PM and the President and they made promises of peace, but violence against us continues. Why do we trust them?
At every ten meters, Pak army soldiers are standing and you say you do not know who is killing Baloch people. You are a Baloch and you have no respect for Baloch life, esteem and identity. Pak army is killing Baloch people. 800 policemen have been killed. I have told Pak army chief that your army is killing Baloch people. Pak army is treating us like sacrificial lambs. The provincial government of Balochistan has no status. It's the Pak army that rules and commits genocides in Balochistan.

Tahir Khan, Hazara leader urging to Pakistan state, with Quran on his head-
In the name of Allah and Quran, I request the president of Pakistan, PM of Pakistan, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Bilawal Bhutto (PPP politician), Governor of Balochistan and ISI chief to stop the killings of Hazaras, Baluch people and Pashtuns. We are poor people. Do not treat us like sacrificial lambs. Do not spill our blood. Don't kill us. 
If in the future, any Hazara shias are killed, we will urge the world community to declare Pakistan, a terrorist state. We will request them to come out against this injustice meted out to our poor brethren.