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Wheat Can Not Be A Weapon of War

The article analyses how the Russia -Ukraine conflict could lead to famine worldwide, especially in Africa because Russia blocked...

South Asia

Time for a new inning in Indo-Pak Trade Relations

The article discusses the reviving of bilateral trade relations between India and Pakistan. A peaceful disentanglement of trade from...

Indo Pacific & East Asia

Chinese Territorial Ambitions, Taiwan and the narratives...

This is an excerpt of the Book “America’s Two Cold Wars: From Hegemony to Decline?” published by Palgrave Macmillan and authored by...

South Asia

China’s Salami-Slicing- A Fine Tool of Oriental Statecraft

Takeaways from 28th May 2022 lecture at the international conference organized by the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine...

South Asia

Pakistan's Cyber Jihad in Kashmir

The article analyses Pakistan's cyber war in Kashmir. The proxy war has evolved and become highly sophisticated and complex: the rapid...

Middle East & Africa

Why is Turkey blocking NATO enlargement?

The article analyses why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not ready to vote for Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

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